Tokyo Gatvol with SA

His boId actions has every person scrambling and trying to make sense of the reason he said that he had “delivered on my mandate.”

He had been appointed by Sepp Blatter years earlier in order to figure out a solution that would allow the game of football to be played under conducive and friendly terms.

In order to make this happen we saw him travel back and forth between West Bank and Gaza in order to table his report at the FIFA congress. The FIFA president at the time, Gianni Infantino promised to make this situation one of his priorities however we saw the item repeatedly removed.

Thankfully, Tokyo managed to push forward a response by submitting a report that allowed football to be played in the regions of question.

What this resulted in was the ability for both sides to play football without any sanctions. The matter was then “declared closed and will not be the subject of any further discussion until the framework has been changed”.

This caused many to be disappointed as FIFA could have made a change but instead chose to remain status quo. Many cited this as a waste of Tokyo’s time, a matter of which he did not discuss further.

Instead, he has acted humbly and stated that his role was to lead the committee and compile a report to which he did. He went on to say that, that was the extent of his ability and whatever they decided to do with the report was out of his hands.



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